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Russian speaking :Material about Jewish festival in Germany

English version

Material about Lev Agranovich

Material about exhibition Ksenia Marchenko

 Material about synemagoge in Chernowits

Material about Stones of memory in Duss

Germany version
English version

 Material for the International Day of Holocoaust with intewiew of eyewitness from Duss

Material about audio guide of Babiy Yar
English version

Ezhibition in Lviv

Eng version

Masterskie pamyati in Odessa

Material about Gerbert and Mimi

English version

One more material about Gerbert and Mimi
Material for 77 universary of tragedy Babiy Yar

Eng version

Material of Yom Ha shoa in Duss 2018

Eng version
Material about Masterskie pamyati in Duss

Eng version

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